This song has a little bit og cus words in the beging. After it is past the beging ther is no more.




D.A.R.E is not to just have fun and to get extra recess. D.A.R.E. has a meaning Drug Abuse Resistance Education. When I got in D.A.R.E I was so excited. D.A.R.E is fun. When you really learn the meaning of D.A.R.E it really teaches you good things. Just those four letters teaches you a lot.

Deputy Thomas has gotten everybody a D.A.R.E. shirt. If you wear it on the day you have D.A.R.E. then you will get extra recess. Deputy Thomas said the point of D.A.R.E is to show people I am in D.A.R.E I do not do drugs. You do not wear your T-Shirt just to get extra recess you wear it to prove that you are drug free.

You have a really good time in D.A.R.E.. Some things that you do in D.A.R.E is the DUI goggles. DUI goggles are goggles that make you see in a drunk persons view. You will have to put them on and walk a straight line. When you are done walking the line Deputy Thomas will throw you a ball and see if you catch it. I could not believe that when somebody is drunk and that is how their vision is they will still drive a car. There are a lot of fun things to do and if you really pay attention you will understand that all of this is to teach you that drugs and tobacco are bad for you and can kill you.

I think that D.A.R.E. is a really good program. It teaches kids that drugs don’t make you look cool, they make you look stupid because people know that they can kill you. It is good for Deputy Thomas to encourage kids not to do drugs. I think that Deputy Thomas has done a great job at that. Some kids have made the wrong decision in the past and people will probably make bad ones in the future too. Deputy Thomas has tried his best and he has done great.

My future goals that I have set for me is to get a good education. I will finish Jr. high and High school. Then I will go to college. I have not yet figured out what I want to go to college for but I will figure it out soon. I will be successful through my whole life and get a good job. I would like to have a family some day. I don’t believe that my future husband wants a wife that is addicted to drugs or tastes and smells like cigarettes. I need to keep my body healthy so I can have children and be a good mom.

I know that I will never do drugs. I know what they can do to me. Now I know a lot more about drugs because of  D.A.R.E.. It makes me sick that there are so many people out there that do drugs and use tobacco and they must not know what it really can do to them. I pledge that I will never do drugs or use tobacco through out my whole life. I will never do that because I don’t want to risk getting cancer or letting out second hand smoke that can also affect other people.

Today in the Reading Workshop we had write about what we thought about the below.

Integrity–Steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code.

The Mad River Theater performed at Laurelville on Wednesday.   They did a play written by Bob Lucas about Lewis Latimer, an African American Inventor who lived in the late 1800’s.  The play recapped Latimer’s life, his struggles and his successes.
The performance ended with the song, Honesty, Integrity, and Pride.  These character traits were representative of Latimer’s life.  This prods the question, does integrity matter to a sixth grader?  Should it?
Thinking back to the read aloud of Freak the Mighty, and having watched the film, The Mighty, I was thinking about Kevin’s view of integrity.  How does it compare to yours?  In a few words, does your integrity guide how you live?
This was my answer.

Kevin’s integrity is like mine but not a lot. His is the same as mine because he is very honest. But he did lie about the new body. Everybody has lied before even me. It just comes to a situation like Kevin came to ware that is what you should do. I am not saying that lying is O.K..

I do think that my integrity does guide my life. For example if somebody came up to me and said can I have your answers that you got for math. I know that the right thing to do is to say no. Then again some people make the wrong choices and they have a really low integrity. So my integrity does control my life because any thing you do I know what the right thing is but I can make a bad choice.

What To Do About A Bullie

Today in the Reading Workshop we had to Wright about what we would do if we were in the position of Russell in the book the Revealers. He asked us these questions.

if you were in the same position as Russell, what would you do?  What can you do about a bully? This is my answer…

If I was in the same position as Russell I would not just stand there and get picked on I would fight back. I would not sit there and get a root beer pored all down me. Or I would stay around people all the time.

Here are some things that you can do about a bully:

Try to avoided them

Let teachers know so they can keep an eye out.

Stick up for yourself

Don’t be scared

What Is Your Destiney

Today in the Reading Work Shop we had to wright about what he is asking in the questions below.

This leads to the question, do you control your destiny?  What are you doing to steer your life towards success?

Here are my answers…

When it comes to destiny I think that me and my parents control the same amount. So we each control about 50 50. But as I get older my parents number will be getting smaller and mine will be getting bigger. One day my number is going to be 100 and my parents 0. I am steering my way to success by getting a good education and good grades in school, working to my highest potential. I will always be steering my way to success until I get there.

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